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Classification results in barplot

  • tesar-tech

Easy way hot to show classification results.

net = alexnet;

imds = imageDatastore('football.jpg');%buildin matlab image
imdsT = transform(imds,@(img) imresize(img,[227 227]));%anonymous transform function

[label,score] = classify(net,imdsT); %classification
[maxvalues, ind] = maxk(score', 5);% get 5 most probable classes

names1=categorical(net.Layers(end).ClassNames(ind(:,1))); %get names of classes
names1 = reordercats(names1,string(names1));%otherwise it sorts by initial index

imds.reset();%after this, it starts with first image
subplot 121; imshow(imds.read())
subplot 122;bar(names1,maxvalues(:,1)*100);ylabel('%')