Image processing and deep learning samples

Classification results in barplot

Transform (scale) image using transform function and classify image. Show results in bar plot.

Display Matlab buildin demo images

Read and display all buildin Matlab images with its file names

Part of Ursa Major constellation created with MATLAB scatter

Draws stars based on their position and apparent magnitude, also their names and outline of the constellation

Flower in 3D

Convert color to third dimension

Classification of shapes by CNN

Use transfer learned Alexnet to classify shapes

Classification of handwritten digits

Select ROI from image and let it classify by CNN trained on MNIST dataset

Transfer Learning With AlexNet

An example of transfer learning with Alexnet neural network on a database of generated shapes

Training of convolutional neural network for classification of handwritten digits

Specify layers and training options and use matlab build-in digit data set for CNN training.

Creating an image set with various shapes

Generating imageset with different shapes like circle or rectangle for CNN learning

Classification of handwritten digit with CNN

Load cnn in onnx format. Resize and classify an image

1000 classes of ImageNet

Displaying 1000 classes that are used to classification, e. g. by alexnet.

Image segmentation in HSV color space

How to isolate parts of similar color in an image

Distinguish between round and other binary objects

From black&white image with different objects, select only round ones (circles)

Filtering binary objects with kmeans

Binarize image, fill holes, clear border and separate unwanted small objects with help of k-means algorithm

Animation of binary image with variable threshold

Change threshold for image binarization and save animation as a gif

Image classification using alexnet

Convolutional neural network alexnet is used to classify image

Handwritten numbers to binary image

Conversion of handwritten numbers on a paper to binary image

Split and colorize channels of color image

Display RGB channels from color image as three different RGB images

Split and display channels of color image

Display RGB channels from color image as three different gray images

Randomly two-color image

From RGB to randomly two-color image

Local contrast increase on dental x-ray

Let user to pick up a region and replace it with equalized one

Histogram "deequalization" - contrast decrease

Lower contrast of an image using simple math

Reduce the number of colors by converting to indexed image

Load an image and convert it to index image with lower number of colors

Histogram equalization

Enhances the contrast of the image by (adaptive) histogram equalization

Negative image

Create negative of an image

Detect which image is sharper

Using edge detection to decide which image is sharper

Selective blur

How to blur background only

Increase Image Resolution with CNN

Testing Very-Deep Super-Resolution (VDSR) neural network.